The Best Christmas in the History of the World

Klára is a successful young actress who also wants to try her hand at theatre directing. Together with her fellow actors, she tries a bold experiment in scriptwriting phase - sixteen actors create a fictional family to celebrate Christmas together for one evening in a rented apartment. What no one else knows is that Klára has based the idea of this family on the blueprint of her own family. Unsurprisingly, actors destroy the look of happy family in the course of this evening.

Family constellations involving the neighbours at the end have never been funnier, and who knows? Maybe it really will be the best Christmas in the history of the world after all...

Šimon Holý
Story By, Script:
Šimon Holý
Eliška Soukupová
Jana Hojdová
Sabina Mladenová

Šimon Holý
Jan Syruček