Chica Checa

Fifty-five-year-old Zdena has been living alone in the village for several years. Her mother spends her last months of her life in the hospital and she has only one wish: to meet Helena again. Who is the mysterious woman her mother wants to see again and how can the last wish be fulfilled? It is gradually discovered by her grandson Lukáš, who is returning home from New York, so he can say goodbye to his grandmother for the last time. He slowly turns his mother's life upside down and shows her that she has a chance to be happy again. Although the inhabitants of the village may not like it…

Director, Script:
Šimon Holý
Story Editor:
Tereza Nováková, Jaroslav Sedláček
Lead Actors:
Pavla Tomicová, Jan Cina

Alžběta Janáčková (Silk Films)
Šimon Holý (šššššFilm)
Gábor Osváth (Filmfabriq)

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