And Then There Was Love...

Kristýna, a sixty year old woman is desperate for love and happiness. She decides to go on a weekend trip with her daughter Sara to see a fortune teller. She believes this experience will lead to a better understanding of herself and her problematic relationships towards everyone. But through all card readings and ancestral therapy sessions more and more problems, traumas, unsolved questions, and feminine topics will bubble out. Will Kristýna finally find love at the end?


Director, Story, Music:
Šimon Holý
Šimon Holý (šššššFilm)
Jan Syruček (šššššFilm)
Jana Hojdová (Bridge Films)
Lukáš Moudrý (Studio Beep)
Tomáš Srovnal (PFX)

Cinematography, Art Director:
Jana Hojdová
Sound Editor:
Hana Kašpárek Vyšínská
Sabina Mladenová
Lucie Vejvodová
Anežka Karasová
Make Up:
Lucie Vejvodová
Set Design:
Anežka Karasová

Šimon Holý
Pavla Tomicová
Sára Venclovská
Tereza Hofová
Eliška Soukupová
Leading Actors:
Pavla Tomicová
Sára Venclovská
Tereza Hofová
Eliška Soukupová

Supported by:
Karel Kantor

Nominated for Czech Film Academy Award 2023:
Pavla Tomicová (Best Actress)

Nomination for Czech Film Critics Award 2023:
Pavla Tomicová (Best Actress)

AČK Award for Outstanding Work of Cinematography
Jana Hojdová

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2022
(Proxima Competition)
Letní filmová škola Uherské Hradiště 2022
Finále Plzeň 2022
Festival Kino na hranici / Kino na Granicy 2023

Aerofilms (CZ)
Filmtopia (SK)

DAFilms (CZ, SK)
HBO MAX (Central and Eastern Europe)

„Affecting portrait of generational trauma and self-love“

Ben Nicholson, The Film Verdict

„Quirky, melancholic comedy characterised by a linear narrative structure and a good dose of deadpan humour.“

Davide Abbatescianni, Cineuropa

"After a much more stylized black-and-white (Mirrors in the Dark), Holý now bets even more on improvisation and acting. Thanks to this, the film about an elderly psychologist who seeks out a fortune teller due to a personal crisis is convincing and natural."

Tomáš Stejskal, Aktuálně

"Pavla Tomicová clearly deserves an acting award in Karlovy Vary"

Mirka Spáčilová, MF Dnes